Hoarders, we have seen them on T.V and witnessed what this devastating disorder can do to their homes and the people around them. It is important to know that this disorder should not be dramatized and be taken seriously, as it has people suffer and deal with real consequences.

You may be wondering exactly what is hoarding disorder? This mental health disorder makes people save and keep a great number of objects. These objects may or may not have value to them. Things hoarders tend to hold onto are magazines, newspapers, household items, clothing pieces, and even animals.

You may be thinking what may lead someone into having this disorder. There are several possible reasons a person may be associated with this condition:

  • A person may have gone through a traumatic life experience
  • A brain injury that has triggered the individual to want to keep things
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and other mental illnesses
  • The individual may have a family member that also has Hoarding disorder
  • A person may have buying habits that are difficult to maintain and control
  • The ability to pass and let go of free items, like coupons, can be difficult for them to do

If you or a loved have or have experienced one of the reasons on the prior list, you may be wondering what are some of the symptoms:

  • Not able to let go and get rid of belongings
  • Living in an environment that is not habitable or unusable due to the amount of clutter
  • High stress caused by the idea of getting rid of objects
  • Feeling anxious about needing to have objects for future times
  • Don’t feel good when others touch your possessions
  • Not knowing where to place items
  • Isolating oneself from family members and friends

Hoarding disorder can severely impact your living conditions. It may be very stressful, dangerous, and ineffective to remove clutter all by yourself.

This is why we highly recommend contacting a clutter removal service such as Cleanout ExpressOur team and staff are very sensitive to the issue.

No judgments will be made, confidentiality is extremely important for us. A staff member will help you deal with the whole process, as we truly empathize with hoarders.

We understand that items in your house are not just clutter, as these are sentimental belongings. That is why we come with a plan set and ready to take care of the emotional aspect.

You will be very happy with us as your emotions will be relieved once your space is much clearer! If you need to remove clutter, give us a call at (718)-658-0979 and get a free estimate.